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    Portofoliu Escobar

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    [STAR] Model Cerere Admin

    *** Daca doresti sa obtii admin pe serverul STAR.DEVILS.RO trebuie sa indeplinesti urmatoarele conditii de pe acest server ! *** Cerinte minime pentru gradul de admin: Varsta minima a adminilor trebuie sa fie de 17 ani [ daca nu aveti aceasta varsta nu depuneti cerere ] ! Limbajul, comportamentul si gandirea trebuie sa fie exemplare, nu acceptam admini care sa se dea in vant cu gradul ! Regulamentul trebuie obligatoriu citit, daca nu indepliniti aceasta cerinta, cererea voastra va fi respinsa automat ! Minim 10 ore activitate pe server ! *** Model cerere admin: Nume pe server & nume real: Varsta & experienta amxmodx: Ip & Steamid [ numeric ]: Timpul petrecut zilnic pe server: Dispui de resurse financiare pentru a ajuta serverul ?: Ai citit regulamentul ?: Ai intrat in teamul nostru de pe gametracker AICI ? Alte precizari: *** Important: Gradul oferit este maior, fiind steam off, acesta este gradul de unde incepi "aventura ta" pe acest server ! Daca ati avut divergente cu alti admini si nu ati clarificat treaba, nu faceti cerere ! Daca ati fost sanctionati cu ban permanent, cererea va fi automat respinsa !
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    Portofoliu Escobar

    Puศ›ine lucrari, cred ca ar arata mai bine daca textul ar fi ceva mai mare, anyway, keep it up.
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    1. Don't Abuse In Servers & Group. 2. Don't Spam In Servers & Group. 3. No Advertising Allowed. 4. No IP Sharing Allowed. 5. No Using Of Hacks. 6. Respect Your Seniors. 7. Report Hackers On Group. 8. No Member Are Allowed To Apply For Adminship Who Are Online In Multi CM. 9. Admin Should Not Misuse There Powers On Players. 10. Admin Can't Ban Another Admin. 11. Don't Change Map Without Voteing Some Admins Are Change Map Without Voteing But Players Not Like Ur Map So 1st Voteing Seconnd Wait For Finish The Round And 3rd Changed The Map. 12. CT no tb and camp is alloud. 13. If camp and tb more than 2 times than ban 15 min. 14. If you readed rules than type Rixennn. in request
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    Real Name: Mayank Tyagi Nick :Mayank CS Exprience : More Than 10 years Admin Exprience :2 or 3 months In Which Server You Want Adminship:Furien GT LINK (MUST):https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mayank/ Did You Add Members:No Your Time Play : after 8 pm Did You Know About Setinfo: Yes Are You Ready For Test: Sure
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