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  2. MODEL BAN-LIST : Name : Proof : Reason : Banned Player Nick :
  3. ADMIN RULES/REGULATIONS : [1] The map changes in the last 5 minutes! [2] Do not abuse the commands amx_say psay slap slay kick etc! [3] The amx_say, amx_tsay, amx_csay, amx_vsay commands will only be used when an ad is made! [4] You are not allowed to give someone else's admin, you are not allowed to sell it to someone else, the person in his possession will receive permanent removal or ban. [5] If there are more admins on the server, the decisions are taken by the command amx_chat ( U @ ), and not by your head. [6] If you care about the server, do not argue with each other. If he does not care neither will I care about you. [7] The administrator is required to have an account on the forum and give his opinion to requests / admin / slot / ban / unban, etc. [8] You may not use the commands on another admin - risk removing. [9] You are not allowed to play during the game. [10] The vulgar language is punished with gag, followed by the ban. [11] You are NOT allowed to kick / ban / gag / slap / slay AIUREA, if you are caught, you will be punished. [12] If necessary, help players who do not know the rules or who are beginners. [13] Do NOT Abuse Function. Whoever is caught abusing the function he / she has, will be removed + ban. [14] If you are missing more than 3 days, make a request for inactivity. Who is missing more than 3 days without a request for inactivity, will have the function removed [-] The words: "Yes, I read the regulation" must be in your admin request! [15] You are NOT allowed to pass the password from someone's account. Do it at your risk! [16] You are NOT allowed to mislead beginners or make them cool, as they do not know the rules of the game (for example). [17] Do not suffer from the function he / she owns [18] Before each given ban, you also get the screenshots / demo, as if the player (s) / (ii) were guilty. [19] Be active on the server and on the forum. [20] You are not allowed to give 0 minutes to a player! - Remove [21] If the player has made a unban request, and admin has no proof in "BanList", admin gets automatically: DownGrad \ Remove [22] You are not allowed to play a player for a raid, more than 3 Slaps. Risk Downgrade [23] Keyword: amidg [24] The unlag command is only given 3 times. Do not unlag 5, 10 times. Maybe the server. [25] The amx_tsay, amx_say, etc command is used strictly for ads. BREATH YOUR BREAKS BY y @ . You have public chat and admin chat.
  4. PLAYERS RULES/REGULATIONS : Advertise on the server is strictly forbidden. Advertisements made due to a bind on another server are sanctioned with gag between 10-30 minutes. Advertised intentionally is sanctioned with gag / kick / ban permanently. The nickname ad is not sanctioned, but the admin has the duty to change the nickname. Please do not stress admins. Reclaiming a player is done only using say_team @ message, announcement by say / say_team will not be considered. If you have already complained about a possible suspect on admin chat, you are obliged to wait for the admin's decision, implicit measures against him / her, if necessary. Otherwise, spamming the admin chat is sanctioned between 5 and 10 minutes. It is strictly forbidden: Jiggings / injuries brought against a player are sanctioned between 3 and 5 minutes. Jiggies / injuries to an admin are sanctioned with 10 minutes or ban 120 minutes as required. If after the expiration of the time you continue to injure or use say_team @ during the gag you will be sanctioned for 120 minutes. The use of any word that denotes an outrage, but does not address anyone specially, is sanctioned with a gag between 2 and 3 minutes. Using any code or skin that can be likened to codes (except ESL skin) is sanctioned with a permanent ban. If you give RETRY after gag, you will receive a 24-hour ban. objectives: The game is FREE GAME to the limit of common sense. Terro Objectives: - Terrorists have the obligation to put BOMB in the designated places! If the bomb is dropped then the terrorists have to pick it up and plant it in the bombs. In this situation, CAMPING IS PROHIBITED! If the bomb was put on terrorists have the obligation to protect it! Terrorists have the obligation to guard the hostages! Counter-Terrorist Objectives: CT Rush is allowed to the limit of common sense! If CT do rush terrorists can opt for camping to the limit of common sense! CT have the obligation to defuse BOMB if it was planted! CT have the obligation to save the hostages! The word: "PriceLess" must appear in the admin request ** Slots and wounds of players that do not go to the ct-tero bomb will only be given after 35 seconds. Exception: only applies when a single Tero remains alone with low hp against at least 5 enemies. Exception: applies only when a single Counter Terrorist remains alone with low hp against at least 5 enemies. TEAM OF PUBLIC MADE THIS (note: you have to follow them or permenently BAN)
  5. MODEL TO CHANGE NICKNAME (FOR ADMINS) Old Nick : New Nick : Accepted Req(link) :
  6. MODEL FOR UNBAN REQUEST Your Nick : Admin Nick : Ban Reason : Your Steam ID : Ban SS for Proof :
  7. MODEL FOR SLOT Nick Name : Hours Link (GT) : Age :
  8. "-------[1]Fondator ( FTP ACCESS )-------" Xe[O]n. PriceLess* "-------[2]OWNER -------" K!ll3R "-------[3]LEADER -------" Yaho0o! "-------[4]SUPERVISOR ------" "-------[5]PREMIUM -------" Fan ^Brain. "-------[6]ADMINISTRATOR--------" Ap0c@lips3^ pRoFeS{s}!oNaL* "-------[7]MODERATOR -------" "-------[8]HELPER -------" w1p3r "-------[9]SLOT -------"
  9. PriceLess


    FREE ADMIN : Nick Name : Can you donate us ? : why you want adminship ?:
  10. MODEL FOR ADMIN Nick Name : Real Age : your Adminship Expirience? : Hours link (GT) : Do you donate after becoming an ADMIN ? : Why You want ADMIN ? : What you want ?
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